Auditions – Blue Remembered Hills

The Nomads will be presenting Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter in September 2019, directed by Jackie Shearer.

  • Performance dates: 18-21 September 2019 
  • Rehearsal days: TBC
Auditions will be held in the Bob King Room at 7.30pm on:
  • Thursday 6th June – 19.30 to  22.00
  • Saturday 8th June  –  14.00  to 16.30
  • Sunday 16th June –   14.30 to 17.00

If you are interested in auditioning and/or would like to know more, please contact Jackie Shearer
the Director on [email protected] or 07712 651 891.

Deceptively simple but intriguing and thought-provoking, it was originally written as a television play
and broadcast in 1979 as part of the BBC’s ‘Play for Today’ series. It tells the tale of a group of English
children, playing in the countryside on a summer afternoon in 1943.

Perhaps the most instantly striking feature of this play is that, although the characters are children,
they are played by adult actors. Another twist is that the dialogue is written in a Forest of Dean

Originally billed as a comedy drama it could also be described as a black comedy.

So a challenging but also exciting play to be part of, offering lots of scope for working together on
character interpretation, interactions and – the big one – how to convince the audience that they are
watching children, not adult actors.

The cast consists of 2 women and 5 men. The character descriptions below are just some clues re:
the child’s character.

  • Angela – a girly girl, uses her feminity to get her way
  • Audrey – bit of a tomboy, stroppy, aggressive
  • Peter – a bully, not very clever
  • Donald – an introvert, loner, downtrodden.
  • Willie – smart, excitable, a thinker?
  • Raymond – youngest, sensitive, with a stutter
  • John – intelligent, diplomatic, moral


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