Casting for 2019…

Here are the shows you can get involved in! Contact the Director if you know them, or email [email protected] to find out more.

To act in any of our productions, you must become a member – see the “Get involved” page for all the details. 

Gym & Tonic – March


Funny Money – April


The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery – June

Directed by Elaine Burns

1 male, 4 females – 

  • Gordon (play Inspector O’Reilly)
  • Felicity
  • Audrey
  • Mrs Reece
  • Thelma

Every drama group has experienced the horrors of what can go wrong on opening night, and the ladies of F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society are no different, with the possible exception that almost everything that could happen, does! The scenery collapses, cues are missed, lines are forgotten and the sound effects take on a strange note at times, as the ladies present their ambitious evening’s entertainment with the cunning whodunnit, “Murder At Checkmate Manor”.

Blue Remembered Hills – September

By Dennis Potter. Directed by Jackie Shearer.

5 males, 2 females

  • Willie – smarter, excitable, love airplanes always watching and thinking (acting with eyes and ears)
  • Peter – Bully, not very clever (scratch head, confused look), thinks with fists, always wants what the others have
  • Raymond – Younger, sensitive, cowboy (toy gun focus of attention), stutter, follower
  • John – protective of brother (Raymond), intelligent, diplomatic, calms atmosphere, moral
  • Angela – girly girl, twirls hair, she uses her femininity to get her way, always gets her way, doll prop (likes playing the mummy)
  • Audrey – unfortunate, boys don’t like her, threatened by her tomboyish nature, stroppy, happily resorts to violence
  • Donald – loner, abused, scared, isolated, introvert, scratching his body, hiding his scars with clothes

This deceptively simple tale relates the activities of seven English children, played by adults, on a summer afternoon during World War II.

Round And Round The Garden – October

By Alan Aykbourn. Directed by Danny Sparkes.

3 males, 3 females – 

  • Reg (Annie & Ruth’s brother)
  • Sarah (Reg’s wife)
  • Annie (Reg & Ruth’s sister)
  • Ruth (Reg & Annie’s sister)
  • Norman (Ruth’s husband)
  • Tom (A vet)

This play is part of the Norman Conquests trilogy which takes place over one weekend, with the hapless Norman trying to involve himself with his sister in law and this brother in laws wife. It is a comedy which shows just what happens when misunderstandings occur!

Jack & The Beanstalk – December

Directed by Andrew Hamel-Cooke

There’ll be magic beans this year at The Nomad Theatre. Jack, the Dame and the cow adventure up the beanstalk to defeat the evil Giant. But will Jack win his girl’s heart and the riches he so badly needs? Will good prevail over evil?

Character list coming soon… 

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