Casting notes – The Chalk Garden

The Nomads will be presenting The Chalk Garden by Enid Bagnold in November 2018, directed by Murray Stephen.

  • Performance dates: 13-17 November 2018 at 7:45pm
  • Rehearsal days: TBC

Audition dates:

  • TBC

Auditions will be held in the Bob King room at The Nomad Theatre, Bishopsmead Parade, East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 6RT (click here)

If you are interested in auditioning and/or would like further information, please email us to let us know on [email protected] 


  • Mrs St. Maugham: Playing age around 70. Cultured, but not as clever as she thinks she is; at her worst an arrant snob, but underneath it genuinely (if not wisely) devoted to her grand-daughter. Dominated by her aged butler from his sick-bed, with constant exhortations to maintain the old standards and the old ways.
  • Miss Madrigal: Playing age 35-45; a solitary woman with apparently no past, but a passion for gardening. Hired by Mrs. St Maugham as a governess for Laurel. Gradually develops a deep concern for both Mrs St Maugham and Laurel. Her arrival is the catalyst for the play, which reaches its climax when her secrets are revealed.
  • Laurel: Playing age 16: a troubled girl, who plays up to the idea of being “troubled”, living with her grandmother. She fled there after her mother re-married.
  • Maitland: Manservant, playing age anything between 30 and 60; insecure and nervy, but reasonably good at his job; still recovering from his time in prison as a Conscientious Objector during the war. Laurel’s only real companion.
  • The Judge: Playing age @75; old friend of Mrs St. Maugham. A little pompous at times, but shrewd and genuinely concerned for justice.
  • Olivia: Mrs St. Maugham’s daughter, mother of Laurel. Having been widowed young, after a marriage that appears to have been more successful socially than personally (rich older man) she has recently re-married for love, and is seeking to persuade Laurel to come back and join her and her new husband, and the child they are expecting.
  • Nurse: small but important part – mouthpiece of aged butler.
  • Applicants – two other women applying for the post of Governess; small parts in opening scene only:
    – “Little Lady” – nervous, fingers constantly fidgeting
    – “3rd Lady” – “Decayed Beauty”, arrogant, only came out of curiosity.

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