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Eat Me – presented by Matrix Theatre

Saturday 14th October 8pm

Tickets – Adults £12, Children/Students £10


Presented by the Matrix Theatre, in association with The Nomads.

A fascinating drama about various people’s eating disorders, their lives, loves, hates and experiences. Brought together by a common denominator, all with different coping strategies, the play journeys from the past, to living in the present and how they all endeavour to show the world through humour, strength and resolve how to move forward to the future. This play gives a true and accurate insight into the minds and behaviours of different eating disorder sufferers, as it has been co-written by real life sufferers about their experiences and their road to recovery.

Green Forms and Say Something Happened

A comedy double-bill of plays by Alan Bennett

Directed by Graham Poutney

24-28 October at 7.45, Saturday matinee at 2.45

Tickets – Adults £20, Children/Students £15


Presented by Theatreviva in association with The Nomads


Doreen and Doris work (or perhaps idle) in Precepts and Invoices, an obscure business department in a large organisation. A flurry of requisition forms signals this is not a normal day: economic storm clouds are gathering, and someone has their eye on them. A shadow is falling across their tranquil lives. Are they about to be fired? A rare chance to enjoy this Alan Bennett gem!


Arthur and Elizabeth Rhodes, married and in their 60s, receive an unexpected visit from Social Services in the form of eager, but inexperienced, June Potter; she needs to register at-risk elderly people. Able-bodied Mam and Dad have no intention of being listed. June resorts to her notes on Conducting Interviews and no-nonsense Mam sorts her out! Another comedy nugget to make you laugh out loud on an autumn evening.

Dick Whittington by Peter Denyer

Dick Whittington & his cat – pantomime

Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 December
Evenings 7.30, matinee at 2.30 Saturday
Tickets: adults £16, children/students £10, £12 adults on 12th


Presented by The Nomads – a traditional pantomime which follows the story of Dick Whittington, his cat and his rise to fame in London. This show has got it all – from shipwrecks to streets paved with gold!

With barrels of laughs, slapstick, great musical numbers and plenty of audience participation there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Dick, Alice and King Rat West Horsley Fete

Dick, Alice and King Rat at the West Horsley Fete in September

The origins of the story of “Dick Whittington” will not be found in any book of fairy tales. The pantomime is the only one based on a true subject. There actually was a  Richard Whittington, and he did become (Lord) Mayor of London in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.

Dick Whittington is a poor boy who has travelled to London to seek his fame and fortune. He has been told that “The streets are paved with gold”. He arrives penniless, and without a friend in the world.

In the pantomime it is often the Fairy – Fairy Bow Bells who introduces “Tommy” the cat to Master Whittington. He now has a true friend, but what he and Tommy want most is to earn an honest living.

Dick Whittington and Tommy the Cat steal on board the ship as stowaways, to seek their fame and hopefully their fortune. A great storm brews up. The ship is in danger and the characters are washed ashore-bedraggled, wet and lost. The Dame, Idle Jack, the Captain and the Mate, and finally Dick and Tommy arrive safe and sound.

Will Dick find any treasure on the island? How will they get back to London?

Join us and you’ll find out… Oh, yes you will!


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