Nomads Data Privacy Statement for Patrons

Nomads Data Privacy Statement for Patrons (users of Ticketsource and the box office)

The Nomads are committed to upholding the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and the principles of good practice set out in them. We will strive to keep information relating to all categories of patrons, members and non-members confidential in accordance with the law and we will not pass your personal details onto anyone without your consent.

What data do we hold?

For members we hold your name, address, email address, phone number and category of membership.

For patrons who contact the box office direct, the box office team hold your name, phone number, sometimes address and email address. Your credit card number is recorded on paper temporarily when bookings are taken over the phone.  This data is kept in the hands of the box office team who take all reasonable steps to keep it secure.  Credit card numbers are redacted once the transaction is processed. The sheets of paper are destroyed as soon as the information is not needed.  Credit card slips are kept in the safe until handed to the Treasurer.

For online bookings made with Ticketsource directly, the same data is held along with a list of productions you booked for.  This data is held on a secure server and only a small number of box office staff and authorized members can access it via a password.  At the end of the booking process you can opt in to receiving emails from the Nomads about future productions.  These emails will come via Mailchimp who also store your data on a secure server.  Ticketsource do not store your
credit card numbers.

You can unsubscribe from Mailchimp when you receive an email or ask the Box Office Manager to remove your email address at any time.

How data is used

To communicate information to members and patrons and to promote shows and events. To make the ticket booking process as smooth as possible.  To provide the Nomads with relevant details to allow marketing and publicity.  If a data breach does occur those affected will be informed as soon as possible and the ICO will be informed.


Ticketsource will remove your personal details if you have not visited the theatre for 5 years.

Your rights

You have the right to request a copy of all the personal information held about you in a Subject Access Request.  We will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity before responding.  We also ask that you let us know when your details change.  When asked to we will remove personal information from our records at any time.

To contact the Nomads

Leave a message for the Secretary via the office 01483 284717, leave a message for the box office team 01483 284747
Email [email protected]


To read Ticketsource’s privacy policy go to and scroll down to Terms and Conditions