AUDITION NOTICE: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Audition Notice: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by tlc creatives

Directed by Michael Ayres and Samantha Potten

Audition Date: 16 July at 7.30pm

Performance dates Dec 10th to Dec 14th

If you would like to audition please contact Moyra on [email protected]


Goldilocks: Our heroine Female

Tomtom: A piper’s son Female (principal boy)

Anutie Septic: Aunt to Goldilocks and mother to Ray (Panto Dame) Male

Ray: Dim witted son of Anti septic, The comedy link man Male or female

Splinter: A royal woodsman: not very bright Male or Female

Choppit: Another Royal woodsman even dafter, Male or Female

Daddy Bear: Father of the bear family Male

Mummy Bear: Mother of the bear family Female

Babby bear; youngster of the bear family Male or Female

Queen Bee: The villain A wicked bee with dreams of woodland domination Female

Bee Minions, Male/Female

Kevin the wasp

Chorus of Villagers and dancers

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