Auditions: The Bear & The Marriage Proposal 10th and 19th Jan at 8pm

Two one act comedies by Anton Chekov.

Scheduled: 18th -23 April at 8pm

If you are interested please email Moyra Brookes , [email protected]  or just turn up on the night. Please let us know if you are interested but cannot make it so we can arrange a suitable time to see you.

The Bear by Anton Chekov Translated by Michael Frayn

Directed by Justin Cobb

The Play

A one Act Comedy. Elena’s Husband died 7 months ago and she is in deep mourning. Grigory arrives and explains she must settle her late husband’s debt. She has no money as she is waiting for her steward to arrive the following day. Grigory is angered and challenges her to a duel with surprising results…..


Elena Ivanovna Popova : a middle aged landowning widow with dimples on her cheeks, her husband has dies. Playing age 35-55

Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov: a middle aged landowner. Playing age 35-55

Luka: Popova’s aged footman, caring, loyal and not so intelligent

The Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekov Translated by Michael Frayn

Directed by Murray Stephen

The Play

In this farce Ivan has come to propose marriage to his neighbour’s daughter, Natalia. After he has received permission to marry Natalya, she is invited into the room and he tries to convey the proposal. However a series of arguments follow on a variety of topics. This results in some interesting complications….


Stepan Stepanovitch Chubov: a landowner, bluff and hearty playing age 50+ but must be old enough to be Natalya’s father

Natalya Stepanovna : his daughter, described as 25 but playing age could be between 25-40. A robust country lady, argumentative but fond of Ivan

Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov: a neighbour, age given as 35 but playing age could be 35-50. Needs to play significantly younger than Chubov, nervous, tending to hypochondria but still capable of being equally argumentitive.



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