Nomes Present: “Alice The Musical”

The Nomes Present: “Alice The Musical

Directed by Samantha Swanborough

Based upon an original story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. Adapted and Dramatised by Mark and Helen Johnson and Richard Davis

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July at 2.30pm

Tickets: £10, Under 16’s £6

Outside Edge by Richard Harris

Outside Edge by Richard Harris

Directed by Jeffrey Wightwick

Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th September at 7.30 pm

Roger has enough trouble assembling his cricket team to play against British Railways Maintenance Division Reading East, but these complications pall before those occurring among their wives and various girlfriends. As a final catastrophe, rain starts to fall.

Tickets Adults £15, Children and Students £10

This amateur production of “Outside Edge” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samual French Ltd

Ockham Road South Closure

Ockham Road South Closure 31/10/23 to 1/12/23

Essential water works will be taking place on Ockham Road South from 31/10/23 to 1/12/23 and they will resume sometime in January.

The Nomad Theatre will remain open and access will be provided. You should be able to gain access to the theatre during the evenings, but it is advisable to allow extra time to get to the theatre. There are diversions in place and here is the attached map from Affinity Water. For up to date information please check the Affinity Water website .


Play In A Week present: A Voyage To Nowhere

Play In A Week present:

A Voyage to Nowhere By Josh Sadler

Directed by Brandon McGuire

Saturday 27th July at 7.30pm, Sunday 28th July at 2.30pm

Tickets: Adults £14, Children/Students £10

The Hidden Kingdom of Nowhere has rested silently on the bottom of the artic ocean for centuries. Its people the Nobodies live under the yolk of a cruel tyrant who stole their voices and trapped them there forever! That is until a violent storm sinks a passing ship of explorers right above the secret kingdom. Can our crew, led by the intrepid but incompetent Captain Lord Sir Tarquin Von Garble Blabbermouth, overcome sensational sword fights, battle electric eels, giant clams and magical mermaids to return the voices of the Nobodies and free them from their evil ruler? Will they ever make it home? Will the Captain ever shorten his name? The winds blow hard and the seas rise high this year for PIAW 2024


90th Anniversary Quiz and Club Night Sat Aug 10th at 7.30pm

90th Anniversary Quiz and Club Night Saturday August 10th 7pm for 7.30pm

As we continue to celebrate our 90th Season we are having a Quiz and Club Night on August 10th at 7pm for 7.30pm.

Come along as a team or on your own and we will put you in a team!

There will be nibbles, a raffle and you will be able to hear about up coming shows.To help us cater and plan please email Moyra to say you are coming on: [email protected]

Horsley Live Music Club Presents: Never The Bride

Horsley Live Music Club Presents: Never The Bride

Saturday August 17th 2024. Doors open 7pm, Show starts 7.45, Show finishes 10.15

Tickets £25 plus booking fee.Advance tickets only, No concessions, No refunds

Horsley Live Music Club is proud to present Never The Bride –  true rock and roll royalty. A female-led rock band with amazing credentials, they have amazed and floored audiences, peer groups and critics alike over their 25 years of service.



Audition Notice: Stepping Out by Richard Harris, Directed by Nikky Kirkup

Audition Dates: May 2nd and May 8th at 8pm at Nomad Theatre

Scheduled Performance Dates: Tues 17 to Sat 21 Sept at 7.30pm

If you are interested please contact Moyra on [email protected] or just turn up. If you are interested but cannot make the dates please contact us so we can arrange to see you.

Stepping Out is a warm and funny play about the lives of a group of wannabe tappers. The action takes place at a weekly tap class where we meet 8 mismatched characters all trying to put their best foot (or feet) forward. For all of them, this is their chance to get away from the normal hum drum of life. Friendships are formed, conflicts take place and their tap dancing improves week to week. So much so that by the end there is a grand charity show performance where the class have been transformed into a triumphant group of tappers.

Characters: 1 Male/9 Female- The show depends upon great character building. Ages are a guide only and it will depend upon the mix of people we have and how they look in relation to each other. Basic tap dance ability preferred but not essential.

Mavis: Dance Teacher and ex pro. Considerate, organised and in charge of the group. Misses the spotlight. Needs to be a proficient tap dancer Age : 35-50 ish

Lynne: A Student Nurse. Always eager to please. Thoughtful and Kind. Helps Dorothy with steps and encourages her. Age: 20-25 ish

Dorothy: Anxious, nervous type. No confidence in her own ability. Unmarried. Habit of repeating other people’s last words. An ungainly dancer. Age: 35-50 ish

Maxine: Confident, attractive, business woman- wears big jewels. Owns high end clothing store and kits the group out with dance gear. Insensitive. Often offends without realising it. Age 35-50 ish

Andy: Slim build, timid, bullied by her husband and wears clothing to cover up the fact. No co-ordination. Has a couple of angry outbursts in class which takes the others off guard. Defensive about her personal life. Age: 35-50 ish

Geoffrey: Shy widower, quiet, a little awkward, non confrontational. Shabby briefcase carrier and suit wearer, very keen on Andy. Age: 35-50 ish

Sylvia: Bubbly, flirty, curvy, likes to chew gum. Poor, her husband is an odd job man. She isn’t a great dancer, but she doesn’t care. Age: 35-50 ish

Rose: larger than life, lots of big jewelry, loud (vocally and in dress). Is friendly with Sylvia. Age: 35-50 ish

Vera: Well meaning snob, very proper, expensive taste in clothes, but can come over as mutton dressed as lamb. Immaculate hair and make up. Aspiring middle class. Loves to clean so always popping in and out of the toilets to ensure they are pristine. Married a dominant man. Age: 35-50 ish

Mrs Fraser: The pianist, sarcastic, grumpy, hat and coat wearer. Thinks she is doing everyone a favour by being there. Was around when Mavis was growing up in a broken home so is protective of her. Loves a magazine. Age: 50+

This amateur production of “Stepping Out” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.



AUDITIONS: A Double Bill In The Studio

AUDITION NOTICE: A Double Bill in The Studio

Audition Dates: Sunday 14th July at 2.30pm; Wednesday 17th July at 7.30pm

Scheduled Performance Dates: Tuesday 12 November to Saturday 16th November

If you are interested in auditioning please contact Moyra Brookes on [email protected] or just turn up. If you are interested but cannot make the dates please contact us so we can arrange to see you.

Cell Mates by Mark Seaman, Directed by Iain Macfarlane

In “Cell Mates” young Terry Cole is entering the prison System for the first time. His youthful swagger is tempered by his apprehension about what lies ahead. His meeting with his cell mate, George Reynolds who is serving a sentence for murder, has a profound effect on him.

The cast consists of 3 males

Terry: 18-20 years old, youthfully arrogant but hiding a vulnerable side (can be played by a slightly older actor who can play the age range)

George: 35 to 45 years old. A hard man but not inherently evil

Prison Officer: (minor role) 40 to 55 years old. Cold and officious

“By arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts”

Act of Living by Robert Scott, Directed by Iain Macfarlane

In “Act of Living” we encounter Tom and Evelyn who first met in 1942, when they were children during the war, and see how their relationship grew and changed. As an old man in 2013, Tom looks back across the years to re-live their time together.

This is a two hander and ideally both cast members should be mid 30’s to mid 40’s. They must have the physical ability to play a child aged 8(Tom) and 9(Evelyn) through to a mature 79 (Tom) and 80 (Evelyn). This is certainly an actors’ play The ageing process will be achieved by subtle changes of costume, but mainly the physicality of the actor, coupled with cover music from each particular point in time.

“By arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts”

AUDITION NOTICE: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Audition Notice: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by tlc creatives

Directed by Michael Ayres and Samantha Potten

Audition Date: 16 July at 7.30pm

Performance dates Dec 10th to Dec 14th

If you would like to audition please contact Moyra on [email protected]


Goldilocks: Our heroine Female

Tomtom: A piper’s son Female (principal boy)

Anutie Septic: Aunt to Goldilocks and mother to Ray (Panto Dame) Male

Ray: Dim witted son of Anti septic, The comedy link man Male or female

Splinter: A royal woodsman: not very bright Male or Female

Choppit: Another Royal woodsman even dafter, Male or Female

Daddy Bear: Father of the bear family Male

Mummy Bear: Mother of the bear family Female

Babby bear; youngster of the bear family Male or Female

Queen Bee: The villain A wicked bee with dreams of woodland domination Female

Bee Minions, Male/Female

Kevin the wasp

Chorus of Villagers and dancers