Play In A Week present: A Voyage To Nowhere

Play In A Week present:

A Voyage to Nowhere By Josh Sadler

Directed by Brandon McGuire

Saturday 27th July at 7.30pm, Sunday 28th July at 2.30pm

Tickets: Adults £14, Children/Students £10

The Hidden Kingdom of Nowhere has rested silently on the bottom of the artic ocean for centuries. Its people the Nobodies live under the yolk of a cruel tyrant who stole their voices and trapped them there forever! That is until a violent storm sinks a passing ship of explorers right above the secret kingdom. Can our crew, led by the intrepid but incompetent Captain Lord Sir Tarquin Von Garble Blabbermouth, overcome sensational sword fights, battle electric eels, giant clams and magical mermaids to return the voices of the Nobodies and free them from their evil ruler? Will they ever make it home? Will the Captain ever shorten his name? The winds blow hard and the seas rise high this year for PIAW 2024