Auditions – My Second Best Bed

My Second Best Bed by Barry Syder

Director: Moyra Brookes
Scheduled for: February 22nd – 26th 2022 at 7.30 pm.
Running time 40 minutes
  • Tuesday 26th October, 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday, November 2nd, 7.30 pm

If you would like to audition, cannot make the dates but are interested or would like more information please email me on [email protected], or please just turn up

Auditions for My Second Best Bed by Barry Syder, the second part of our February double bill, will be held at the Nomad Theatre on Tuesday 26th October and Tuesday 2 November at 7.30pm. This production will be staged in the main auditorium and will be directed by Moyra Brookes. The performance dates are 22-26 February 2022. The running time is about 40 mins.

The play

The play takes place in May 1616 in a room in “New Place” the home of William Shakespeare and his family in Stratford Upon Avon, three weeks after his death. The Curate has come to read the will! The sisters have a fiery relationship and explain to the curate the circumstances that shaped the way Shakespeare lived his life. In a poignant scene, the sisters finally reveal to the curate the reason behind the seemingly odd bequest of the second-best bed.


Susanna Hall: 34-44 Shakespeare’s eldest daughter, middle-aged housewife

Curate: 25-35 self-righteous church official, clerical mind with modern outlook (think Mr Collins in P&P and star-struck on celebs)

Judith: 32-42, the youngest daughter, bad-tempered. She runs the local tavern with her husband

Anne Hathaway: 60+ early onset of Dementia (very small part)

You can audition for both this and The Real Inspector Hound.

If you would like to audition, cannot make the dates but are interested or would like more information please email me on [email protected], or please just turn up

Auditions – The Real Inspector Hound

The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

Director: Paul Asher

Scheduled for: February 22nd – 26th 2022  at 7.30 pm. Running time approx. 70 minutes.

Auditions: Tuesday, November 2nd, 7.30pm

If you are interested in auditioning, contact [email protected]  . . .   but you could just turn up at 7.30pm on the 2nd!

Please let the Director know if you can’t make the date and we’ll arrange a separate date/ time.

The play forms the first part of a two one-act play evening. Moyra will be directing ‘The Second Best Bed’ for the second half of the evening.

The play

The RIH is generally thought of as one of Stoppard’s funniest as well as being very enjoyable to play. The play-within-the-play is set in “Lady Muldoon’s country residence one morning in early spring”. During the play, the two theatre critics discuss things they may write about this typical whodunit, but they are often sidetracked by their soliloquies, Moon’s concerning his professional jealousy of Higgs and Birdboot’s concerning his newly found “love”, the actress playing Cynthia.


Please note that although the character of
Inspector Hound is referred to as ‘he’ in the play I am open to the part being played by a female actor.


Moon – a second-string theatre critic, called to the production to review it in the absence of Higgs, another critic. Playing age, 40+

Birdboot – a theatre critic and a womaniser, who catapults young actresses to stardom by delivering dazzling reviews in return, we assume, for sexual favours. Married to Myrtle, he is having an affair with the actress who plays Felicity in the play within the play. Playing age, 30+

Play-within-a-play characters

Mrs Drudge – The maid, or char, of Muldoon Manor. Cockney accent. Playing age, 50+

Simon Gascoyne – New to the neighbourhood, Simon has had affairs with both Felicity and Cynthia. Later in the play, Birdboot assumes the role of Simon Gascoyne, and vice versa. Playing age 30+/-

Felicity Cunningham – A beautiful, innocent, young friend of Cynthia’s who has had an affair with Simon and Birdboot. She is seemingly sweet and charming but soon seeks ruthless revenge. Playing age 25+

Cynthia Muldoon – Apparent widow of Lord Albert Muldoon who disappeared ten years ago. Sophisticated and beautiful. She has had an affair with Simon. Playing age 40+/-

Major Magnus Muldoon – Lord Albert Muldoon’s crippled half-brother who just arrived from Canada. Has a desire for his late brother’s widow, Cynthia. Takes an instant dislike to Simon, as they are both in love with Cynthia. Playing age 40+

Inspector Hound – Appears from outside the house in the middle of the play to investigate an alleged phone call. Moon assumes this role near the end of the play, and vice versa. Playing age. Anywhere from 40 ish to 60 ish.

* The following are referred to but do not appear:

Higgs – the senior critic, Moon is his stand-in.

Puckeridge – the third-string theatre critic, or Moon’s stand-in.

If you are interested in auditioning, contact [email protected]  . . .   but you could just turn up at 7.30pm on the 2nd!

Auditions – The Farndale Ave Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth

Director: Elaine Burns
Scheduled for: 17-21 May, 2022
  • Tuesday 16th November, 7:30 pm
  • Friday, 19th November, 7.30 pm
If you are intrigued please come along.  Don’t hesitate to ask me for information though.  If you would like to work backstage then you will be very welcome.
Elaine Burns
The play
This series of plays involve the gallant women of Farndale Ave trying to put on plays from all genres against the odds.  The odds being lack of money, skill and talent.
In Macbeth, they are performing as part of a drama festival and nearly run out of time to get to the end.
The characters
3 men and 6 women
George Peach – adjudicator.  He sits at the side of the stage throughout taking notes.  He also puts on makeup, does some basic magic tricks and wears a dress for his final scene.  Most of his lines are from his notes which he can refer to.
Henry, stage manager – he is forced to take over as Lady Macbeth, in a dress and wig.  He plays her quite well and knows all the lines.  There is a fair amount to learn ie several pages in one go.
Plummer, the producer – he is ineffectual and has several tantrums about the way things are going. He takes over as Macbeth, temporarily,  but with the book.
Mrs Reece, the Chairwoman – plays herself mostly, introduces Peach and runs the raffle but also plays Lady Macduff and the doctor
Thelma – always tries to dominate scenes, is in a feud with Henry and storms off at one point.  Plays Macbeth and Ross.  Must be able to handle the lines
Minnie – good-natured, plays Banquo and Lady Macduff’s son
Dawn –  older than the others, can’t see without her glasses, plays 1st witch, porter, 2nd murderer, Duncan, Fleance
Felicity – 2nd witch, Seyton, 1st murderer, Malcolm, Gentlewoman
Kate – is on crutches throughout and in a wheelchair at the end, 3rd witch, Macduff, messenger
The set is simple but there are lots of props and effects.  A few actors will have some chunks of Shakespeare to learn but no one has a long monologue.
If you are intrigued please come along.  Don’t hesitate to ask me for information though.  If you would like to work backstage then you will be very welcome.
Elaine Burns

Auditions: Blithe Spirit 26th and 31st May at 7.30pm

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Directed by Murray Stephen

Scheduled: 27 September-1st October 2022

Audition dates are Thursday 26th May and Tuesday 31st May at 7.30 pm

If you are interested please email Moyra Brookes, [email protected] or just turn up on the night. Please let us know if you are interested but cannot make the date so we can arrange a suitable time to see you.

The Play

This comedy sees Charles Condomine, a novelist, wanting to learn about the occult for a new book. He arranges for a medium to hold a seance at his house. The scheme backfires when he is haunted by the ghost of his annoying and temperamental first wife Elvira after the seance. Elvira tries to disrupt Charles’s marriage to the strait-laced Ruth who cannot see or hear the ghost. Elvira then unintentionally succeeds in killing Ruth who comes back for revenge on Elvira. Chaos ensues! The medium Madame Acarti is called back to try and exorcise both wives. The maid, who is psychic, then plays a key role in the proceedings. Will Charles be left in peace with no further ghostly visits……?


Charles Condomine: Successful author, tendency to smugness. Playing age 35-50

Ruth Condomine: Charles’s second wife, very practical, solid, rather insensitive. Playing age 30-50, needs to be compatible with Charles’ age

Elvira Condomine: Ghost of his first wife, enormously charming, but wildly emotional and at heart totally selfish. Playing age 30-45 she has to be younger than Charles, she has not aged since dying.

Madame Acarti: A medium, eccentric but totally sincere in her passion for the occult. Playing age timeless but cannot really be less than 30

Dr Bradman: Conscientious but friendly neighbour of the Condomines. Playing age 35-60

Mrs Bradman: Dr’s wife, bossy and tending to be snobbish; Playing age 30-60, but should be compatible with her husband

Edith: The maid, inexperienced and nervous. Playing age 14-40

If you are interested or would like further information please contact Moyra Brookes [email protected] or you could just turn up on the 26th or 30th May at 7.30 pm


Auditions: Peter Pan

Audition Notice

Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie

Directed and adapted by Graham Botterill

Scheduled dates 6-10th December at 7.30 pm and 10th December at 2.30 pm

The Play

This pantomime retains the spirit of the book whilst injecting songs, dances and lots of family-friendly comedy. This is brought to you by the team behind last year’s award-winning Alice in Wonderland. There are over 20 speaking parts (10+ junior roles) plus dancers, pirates, Red Indians, children and servants. All the cast will sing and many will be dancing. Many parts may be doubled (such as Mr Darling/Hook and Mrs Darling/Tiger Lily), or even trebled…to keep things interesting. Nanna has been changed from a St Bernard dog to a full-blown pantomime dame – a Great Dame as she says. This gives the character much greater comic potential.


Darling Household: Mr Darling, Mrs Darling, Wendy, John, Michael, Nanna, Party Guest

Peter’s Band: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Tootles, Slightly, Twin 1 & 2, Curly, Nibs

Pirates: James Hook – Captain, Samuel Smee – Bo’son, Baines – Cox’n, Spratt – Sailor, Ned – Cabin Boy, Lookout

Red Indians: Tiger Lily-Chieftainess, Running Nose –Medicine Man, Little Bear- Brave, Minnie-Ho-Ho -Squaw

If you have any questions, cannot make the dates and are interested, or would like an audition pack, please contact Graham Botterill; [email protected]

This amateur production of “Peter Pan” is presented by arrangement with Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and  Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.



Auditions: Cheshire Cats by Gail Young

Cheshire Cats by Gail Young

Directed by Marion Millinger

Scheduled Dates: 15-19 November 2022

Auditions: Monday 8th and Wednesday 10th August at 7.30pm at Nomad Theatre

The Play

“Cheshire Cats” follows the antics of a group of friends as they aim to stride across the capital in record time in their decorated bras and posh new trainers, but the problem is that one of the team doesn’t seem to meet the physical criteria!

This London Moonwalk adventure is a cross between a girls’ night out and a real mission to support a cause close to many hearts, with plenty of laughs along the way.


Hilary;Bombastic, middle aged team leader/organiser

Siobhan; caring diplomatic, old friend of Hilary

Yvonne;overworked  stressed out mum and friend of Hilary

Maggie;younger mum

Vicky;artistic, fit, glamorous middle aged divorcee

These girls can be between 25-45 (or look these ages )

Andrew;trim toyboy

Aerobics Instructor; needs to look fairly fit and energetic

There are also Marshalls (any age), Policeman (small part), Photographers 2(any age/sex) These parts will not be needed until later in the rehearsal schedule.

If you are interested in auditioning please email Moyra Brookes [email protected] or just turn up

This amateur production of “Cheshire Cats” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd, on behalf of Samuel French Ltd


Auditions: Snakeskin and Fur & Honeymoon Suite 12th and 25th April at 7.30pm

Two One Act Comedies

Scheduled: 20-24th June at 7.30 pm

If you are interested please email Moyra Brookes,  [email protected] or just turn up on the night. Please let us know if you are interested but cannot make it so we can arrange a suitable time to see you

Snakeskin and Fur written and directed by Phillip Bingham

An Original play: Liberty is a hustler and is in search of a man to assist her with a scam. She’s racing against time to find someone so uses speed dating to interview as many men as quickly as possible! Here she meets Oscar, who is the best of a bad bunch and with reluctance they get together.He thinks its because of his charm and ability to sell himself. Liberty decides to set him a test and settles on a simple “short-con” to test him. She describes to him (and hence the audience) how it should work and what he should do. They then try to play it out…….


Oscar: Playing age 30’s

Liberty: Playing age 30’s

Geoff: Male any age

Facilitator:Male or Female, any age

Barista:Male or Female, any age

Bartender: Male or Female, any age

Honeymoon Suite by Tony Layton

Directed by Moyra Brookes

Something Old Something New

Ageing and fading pop star Jet checks into the bridal suite with new wife Pat. She has been his PA for over 15 years and has seen it all. The marriage is, for him, a sham, a publicity stunt, not so for her. Francis the porter is an unwitting pawn in keeping the press at bay. During their stay they gradually make discoveries about each other with a surprising conclusion ……….


Jet: Middle aged faded rocker

Pat: 35-40 smart, quick witted PA to Jet

Francis: Wily, elderly Irish Porter



Audition Notice: Outside Edge by Richard Harris

Auditions: May 16 and May 30th at 7.30pm at The Nomad Theatre

Show Dates: 12-16 September at 7.30pm

Outside Edge by Richard Harris

Directed by Jeff Wightwick

The Play

Roger has enough trouble assembling his cricket team to play the British Railways Maintenance Division Reading East, but these complications pall before those occurring among their various wives and girlfriends. As a final catastrophe, rain starts to fall


Roger: Middle Aged, Captain of the team, full of himself,talks down to people addressing them like his troops

Miriam: Middle aged, Roger’s wife, plain looking makes no effort, downtrodden

Bob: Middle aged, nervous man, smokes too much

Ginnie: Middle aged, Bob’s wife an attractive women with a faint northern accent

Dennis: Older Middle aged, tall if possible, drinks too much, self made sales manager

Maggie: middle aged Kevin’s wife, tall wears a fur coat at all times with a flat london accent

Kevin: middle aged short with a drinkers stomach (can be padded)

Alex: 20-30 Tall too much money, public school boy

Sharon: up to 25 Alex’s girlfriend. Very attractive, blonde feels out of place at the cricket club

This amateur production of “Outside Edge” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

If you are interested in auditioning please email Moyra [email protected] or just turn up on the night. If you cannot make the dates but want to audition please let us know so we can arrange to see you


Audition Notice

Monday 3rd and Wednesday 5th July at 7.30 pm

Show dates: Tuesday 5th Dec to Sat 9th Dec at 7.30 pm and Sat 9 Dec at 2.30pm

Aladdin by Ben Crocker

Directed by Michael Ayres, Choreographer Samantha Potten

A hilarious traditional pantomime with a great script, brilliant songs and fabulous dancing. Set in Old Peking, will Aladdin outwit Abanazar and win over Princess Jasmine?

By Arrangement with Ben Crocker Pantomimes

Characters: Abanazar, Aladdin, Sergeant Ping, P.C. Pong, Widow Twankey, Wishee Washee, The Emporer, Princess Jasmine, Genie of the Ring, Genie of the Lamp, Panda, Chorus

If you would like to audition please email Moyra on [email protected] or just turn up on the night. If you are interested but cannot make the dates please let us know so we can arrange to see you