Play In A Week 2022: The Time Thief

The Nomads present Play In A Week :

The Time Thief by Josh Sadler

Directed by Brandon McGuire

Saturday 30th July at 7.30 pm and Sunday 31st July at 2.30 pm

Tickets: Adults £14, Children/Students £10

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This is the annual week-long project for adults with physical and/or learning disabilities. A separate play is commissioned every year with enough parts to suit every individual wishing to participate, a huge task with at least 40 performers!

Auditions: Peter Pan

Audition Notice

Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie

Directed and adapted by Graham Botterill

Scheduled dates 6-10th December at 7.30 pm and 10th December at 2.30 pm

The Play

This pantomime retains the spirit of the book whilst injecting songs, dances and lots of family-friendly comedy. This is brought to you by the team behind last year’s award-winning Alice in Wonderland. There are over 20 speaking parts (10+ junior roles) plus dancers, pirates, Red Indians, children and servants. All the cast will sing and many will be dancing. Many parts may be doubled (such as Mr Darling/Hook and Mrs Darling/Tiger Lily), or even trebled…to keep things interesting. Nanna has been changed from a St Bernard dog to a full-blown pantomime dame – a Great Dame as she says. This gives the character much greater comic potential.


Darling Household: Mr Darling, Mrs Darling, Wendy, John, Michael, Nanna, Party Guest

Peter’s Band: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Tootles, Slightly, Twin 1 & 2, Curly, Nibs

Pirates: James Hook – Captain, Samuel Smee – Bo’son, Baines – Cox’n, Spratt – Sailor, Ned – Cabin Boy, Lookout

Red Indians: Tiger Lily-Chieftainess, Running Nose –Medicine Man, Little Bear- Brave, Minnie-Ho-Ho -Squaw

If you have any questions, cannot make the dates and are interested, or would like an audition pack, please contact Graham Botterill; [email protected]

This amateur production of “Peter Pan” is presented by arrangement with Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and  Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.



Auditions: Cheshire Cats by Gail Young

Cheshire Cats by Gail Young

Directed by Marion Millinger

Scheduled Dates: 15-19 November 2022

Auditions: Monday 8th and Wednesday 10th August at 7.30pm at Nomad Theatre

The Play

“Cheshire Cats” follows the antics of a group of friends as they aim to stride across the capital in record time in their decorated bras and posh new trainers, but the problem is that one of the team doesn’t seem to meet the physical criteria!

This London Moonwalk adventure is a cross between a girls’ night out and a real mission to support a cause close to many hearts, with plenty of laughs along the way.


Hilary;Bombastic, middle aged team leader/organiser

Siobhan; caring diplomatic, old friend of Hilary

Yvonne;overworked  stressed out mum and friend of Hilary

Maggie;younger mum

Vicky;artistic, fit, glamorous middle aged divorcee

These girls can be between 25-45 (or look these ages )

Andrew;trim toyboy

Aerobics Instructor; needs to look fairly fit and energetic

There are also Marshalls (any age), Policeman (small part), Photographers 2(any age/sex) These parts will not be needed until later in the rehearsal schedule.

If you are interested in auditioning please email Moyra Brookes [email protected] or just turn up

This amateur production of “Cheshire Cats” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd, on behalf of Samuel French Ltd