Guildford Jazz Choir on the main stage

Our second choir, this bunch from Guildford are sure to pull a crowd…

Guildford Jazz Choir

Phoebe Gaydon leads three choirs – Godalming Jazz Choir, Guildford Jazz Choir and most recently, Godalming Contemporary Youth Jazz Choir. Each are a small independent groups meeting once a week, sometimes accompanied by Alex Howe, resident pianist.

Jazz, pop, rock, musical theatre… “you name it we’ve got it” & all the arrangements are originally constructed by Phoebe & Alex. The choirs are often to be found at community events in the area including Guildford Fringe Festival and for cocktail hour at Komo, Guildford.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media feeds for announcements of new artists… and of course, apply if you wish to take part.

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