Tilly Winford

Tilly Winford

Tilly Winford has appeared in several Nomes Youth Theatre and Nomads shows, and recently appeared in BBC 2’s drama ‘Don’t Forget the Driver’.

Tilly has Cerebral Palsy (CP) but she’s not letting that hold her back! She continues to show the world that disability is no
longer a justifiable barrier to inclusive casting in theatre and television.

“I have a huge passion for performing and feel that there’s not many actors out there with disabilities and I would like to be part of changing this fact. I am determined to continue to show the world that a disability doesn’t change a person inside, and that that person is just as capable of thinking/doing the same things as anyone else. I want to inspire and encourage others with disabilities to get out there and live their lives!”

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Tilly Winford


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