Auditions – The Farndale Avenue Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

The Nomads will be presenting The Farndale Avenue Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr in June 2019, directed by Elaine Burns.

  • Performance dates: 11-15 June 2019 
  • Rehearsal days: TBC – starting no later than May
Auditions will be held in the Bob King Room on:
  • Thursday 21st February at 7.30
  • Sunday 24th February at 2.30
  • Thursday 28th February at 7.30
  • Sunday 3rd March at 2.30

Contact Elaine to confirm which date you’ll be attending or ask any questions – [email protected]

This comedy is part of a series of plays which are a spoof on amateur societies.  Everything that can, goes wrong.  Props, furniture, sound effect, lights – can’t be relied on.  Actors enter from the wrong side, forget lines, say lines at the wrong time.  Most of the murders are a shambles. Even stage crew are part of the action.  Women have to play men.
For casting, Elaine is looking for 4 women and 1 man who have good stagecraft and timing.  All but one are playing several characters of different ages.


Mrs Reece – Chairman of the Dramatic Society, dominant, may need to interact with the audience. Mrs Reece plays:

  • Clarissa Rook, sister of Lady Doreen
  • Regine, french maid
  • Letitia, sister of Lady Doreen
  • Mr Goodbody, solicitor
  • Patricia Bishop, teenage niece

Thelma, second in command, plays:                               

  • Daphne, daughter of Lady Bishop
  • Rose Bishop, elderly aunt

Felicity plays:

  • Pawn, butler, old man
  • Colonel King
  • Letitia (p51 only)

Audrey plays:

  • Lady Doreen Bishop, widow
  • Violet Bishop, elderly aunt
  •  Joan Bishop, cousin
  • Mrs King

Gordon Pugh, regular stage manager, not an actor, plays:

  • Inspector O Reilly

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