Auditions – Funny Money

The Nomads will be presenting Funny Money in April 2019, directed by Jeff Wightwick.

  • Performance dates: 9-13 April 2019 
  • Rehearsal days: TBC

Good friends Betty and Vic arrive for Henry’s birthday dinner and Jean is frantic because Henry is late. When he eventually arrives, he wants to emigrate immediately, and with good reason: the briefcase he accidentally picked up on the Underground is stuffed with £735,000 – not his sandwiches! Hilarious innuendo and cruelly funny turns of fate ensue as the two couples assume various identities in their battle to keep the money.

Auditions will be held on Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th January at 7:30pm, to get involved please contact: Jeff Wightwick, 01483 280085 / [email protected]


  • Jean Perkins – a pretty but ordinary woman in her forties
  • Henry Perkins – an insignificant man in his early fifties
  • Bill – a middle-aged London taxi driver of spirit
  • Davenport – (police officer) a sparse, middle-aged man with a knowing glint in his eye
  • Slater – (police officer) a solicitous and kindly soul, until provoked
  • Betty Johnson – a buxom and cheerful woman in her late forties
  • Vic Johnson – a brash man with feet of clay
  • Passer-by – a large man

Audition pieces can be viewed…

Audition pieces

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