Auditions – Round And Round The Garden

The Nomads will be presenting Round And Round The Garden by Alan Ayckbourn in October 2019, directed by Danny Sparkes.

  • Performance dates: 8-12 October 2019 
  • Rehearsal days: TBC
Auditions will be held in the Bob King Room at 7.30pm on:
  • Sunday 30th  June
  • Tuesday 2nd July

If you are interested, please contact Danny – she says:

“I am looking forward to this new venture with a new society. I hope to have a read through/cast evening before July, give out scripts and start rehearsals mid-August I would hope to hold 2 rehearsals a week, with the option to increase as we get towards production dates. I thought Sunday evening plus another evening, to suit cast.”

Danny Sparkes (Director) – [email protected] /07855 120387 /01932 343183

This play is the third of the “Norman Trilogy”. The ‘Norman Conquests’ occur during a single weekend in different parts of the same house and concern a group of related people. Each play is complete in itself. A common factor is Norman’s inadequate attempts to involve himself in turn with his sister-in-law, his brother-in-law’s wife and his own wife!

There are three couples in the play – Annie and Tom, Norman and Ruth, Reg and Sarah

  • Tom – is a thoughtful, pensive man; a ‘stolid’ veterinary surgeon, happier with animals than humans, but probably in love with Annie
  • Annie -‘spinster of this parish’ and carer of her mother; probably in love with Tom
  • Norman – Annie’s brother in law; likes to think he is “Jack the Lad”; (The ‘Norman’ of the Trilogy). “I only want to make you happy!!”
  • Reg – Annie’s (and Ruth’s) brother; a trifle pedantic (especially about mileage!)
  • Sarah —wife of Reg
  • Ruth – Annie’s sister; long-suffering wife of Norman

The action takes place in the garden of Annie and her mother’s home, over Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Mother is never seen!

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