Auditions – The Hollow

The Nomads will be presenting The Hollow by Agatha Christie in February 2020, directed by Murray Stephen.

  • Performance dates: 18-22 February 2020
  • Rehearsal days: TBC
Auditions will be held in the Bob King Room at 7.30pm on:
  • Wednesday 11 September
  • Monday 16 September
  • Tuesday 24 September

Please contact Moyra Brookes for any queries and to let us know when you plan to audition: [email protected]

This is a classic Agatha Christie and has proved very successful on the stage, on TV and film.

We need 6 males and 6 females, here is some information about the characters and the play:

The action takes place in the garden room of The Hollow, Sir Henry Angkatell’s country house about 18 miles from London, over the course of one weekend in September. Time “The Present”. (Play was written 1951)


  • Henrietta Angkatell (Lead): Female, 28-45 – Successful sculptress, strong, intellectual, independent. Cousin to Sir Henry
  • John Cristow (Lead): Male, 30-55 – Famous physician, arrogant, a womanizer; married to Gerda but having affairs with both Henrietta and Veronica; the murder victim.
  • Gerda Cristow (Lead): Female, 28-50 – Wife to John Cristow. Compulsively self-effacing, not very bright and constantly apologising for it.
  • Lucy, Lady Angkatell (Lead): Female, 50-75 – Charming, dizzy, forgetful, eccentric, aristocratic but loves a bit of gossip or scandal. Wife to Sir Henry
  • Veronica Craye (Supporting): Female, 30-45 – Glamorous Hollywood movie star, former lover of John Cristow; renting a house near the Hollow.
  • Edward Angkatell (Supporting): Male, 25-45 – Another cousin of Sir Henry; shy and awkward, wealthy, in love with Henrietta.
  • Detective Colquhoun (Lead): Male, 35-65  – A gentlemanly detective, charming, sympathetic, not easily fooled.
  • Detective Penny (Supporting): Male, 25-35 – Inspector Colquhoun’s assistant, charming, enjoys taking statements from pretty housemaids.
  • Sir Henry Angkatell (Supporting): Male, 50-75 – Owner of The Hollow; a typical country gentleman, the sane one in an eccentric family, likes guns.
  • Gudgeon (Supporting): Male, 40-70 – The perfect butler, very protective of the family.
  • Midge Harvey (Lead): Female, 20-35 – Poor cousin of the Angkatells. Gentle, attractive, independent-minded despite being very much the poor relation; in love with Edward who loves Henrietta.
  • Doris (supporting): Female, 16-25 – Trainee maid at The Hollow; working-class, is finding the work, and country house life in general, hard to adjust to.

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