Izzy and Feli (IF?) are two 14-year-old singer-songwriters who met at the start of secondary school. They quickly discovered they had a shared love of music and performing. A temporary hold was put on their musical ambitions when Feli had to move back to Germany, at the end of Year 7. When she returned the following year, the girls became best friends and, as soon as they turned 14, applied to their local council for busking licences.
They can be seen most Saturdays in Horsham town centre performing a range of chart-toppers, which they put their own distinctive acoustic and harmony spin on. Between them, they play various instruments, guitar, ukulele, piano (all self-taught), and they are both powerful and engaging singers.
Izzy has had vocal training for the past four years and is currently studying for her grade six exam. She has a naturally powerful and rich voice. Feli, is the more accomplished guitarist of the duo, providing the tune (and the beat), and her voice is just as striking in its purity and clarity, with a strength that completely stands up its own.

Together they create acoustic arrangements that deliver strong melodies and beautifully crafted
harmonies. Who knows what the future holds for IF?
Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @ifquestionmark

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