The Bear & The Proposal (Part of the Sneeze) by Anton Chekhov translated and adapted by Michael Frayn

Two Hilarious Russian Farces

The Bear and The Proposal (part of The Sneeze)

by Anton Chekov, translated and adapted by Michael Frayn

The Bear Directed by Justin Cobb, The Proposal Directed by Murray Stephen

18-22 April at 8pm in the studio

Tickets £12

This amateur production of “The Sneeze” (featuring The Bear and The Proposal only) is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd

The Bear: Grigory, a landlord has come to collect an outstanding debt but meets his match in the mourning widow, Elena, whose husband died 7 months ago. She has no money in the house , he won’t leave without it.This leads to a clash of wills. Can the butler get Grigory to leave before things get out of hand? How will it resolve itself? Come along and find out

The Proposal: A young Russian landowner goes to propose to his neighbour’s daughter. Apart from being a neurotic, hypochondriac he is very eligible and her father is delighted- so what could possibly go wrong? And what have two hunting dogs got to do with it?

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